Reforming the Federal Budgetary Process

Congressional Statute — This option would involve Congress regulating itself by adopting budget reforms via a simple statute which does not have to be signed by the President.  While passage can be quick, this is only a short-term fix.  Any simple statute adopted by Congress in one session can be discarded in the next.  This is like the fox guarding the hen house.

Amendment Proposed by Congress — This option would require the states to strong-arm Congress into proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA). The states can “force” Congress to propose a BBA via the “threat” of a convention.  This is achieved when the states reach 33 of 34 states required to call a convention.

Amendment Proposed by the States — This option would require the states to call a convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment for ratification. This requires applications or “convention calls” by two-thirds or 34 of the state legislatures.  This should only be considered if Congress refuses to propose a BBA or if it proposes a weak amendment.